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Spanninga is dedicated to illuminating the world of bicycles and micromobility through innovation.

With its headquarters located in the heart of Friesland, Spanninga Netherlands is a nice place to work. The province is famous for its own identity, culture, language, its very old cities (Sneek, Leeuwarden), its nature (water, forest, sand dunes, sea, islands), its sports (water sports, speed-skating, Frysian handball, top-level football clubs) and most of all, its relaxed atmosphere.

Being part of the workforce at Spanninga, means joining a group that looks to the future with optimism and determination. You will join a company that is striving to make the world safer, smarter and more attractive; a company with fierce entrepreneurial spirit and passion which is determined to be the most innovative among micromobility lighting specialists.

Geert Knolweg 30, Joure