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Develop software to change the mobile world!

You will develop the code for websites and systems that colleagues and customers can rely on. For this, you will actively think about the impact of everything you develop in the long term: how do we make everything as maintainable and scalable as possible?

How do we develop software?

Each team works on their own part of the software. These may be customer-oriented components, but also our warehouse system, or our own HR system. You develop, optimize and implement new features. All systems we are working on are developed by our own teams, so that we can respond to complex and challenging changes in the marketplace. Even though we also use the systems ourselves, we create it as stand-alone software that is of value to other companies. So even though we are also a webshop, we consider ourselves to be a software company. Our scope is a lot broader than you might have expected.

Our stack

... and don't forget Gitlab, Docker, Typescript and Redis. We use various tools, including Jetbrains, Slack, Ubuntu/Windows and vscode. This is always in motion, as the world of technology never stands still either.

What will you do as a Software Engineer?

  • You help us translate our business objectives into well-working software.
  • You help us build leading telecom software.
  • You get responsibility for your part of the code.
  • You think along about the scalability and architecture of the software.
  • You get our trust to make your own technical choices.

What can you expect from us?

  • Short release times. We release our code several times per day. Finished = live.
  • No hierarchy. We don't like that.
  • You are the technical expert. No non-technical colleague will sit in your technical chair. Stick to what you know, right?
  • We replace legacy code proactively. Of course, every software has a legacy, but you do not have to keep legacy code alive forever.
  • Informal working atmosphere. Everyone can be themselves within Belsimpel.
  • With 70+ colleagues from more than 12 nationalities, we form a nice international community.
Ana Roman

Ana Roman, from Romania, started working for a company while she was still studying in Groningen. The company liked her work ethic and was very happy to offer her a full-time position after she graduated.

She admits that it took her a bit longer than her peers to finish her course because she was also juggling the job. However, she learned a lot and also earned some money along the way.

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