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Who are we?
We take pride in our company, and rightfully so.
Starting 165 years ago as a small-scale coppersmith, DEJONG has grown into one of the major players in Europe in the field of stainless steel hot water boilers. This position didn't come easily; it's the result of collective hard work, a spirit that persists today. Some say, "We are a family with a mission." With a focus on the world, humanity, and each other, we strive to improve a little every day. As an employer, this involves providing opportunities and safeguarding everyone's individual job satisfaction. This leads to a joyful workplace, engaged colleagues, and long-lasting employment.

Background and Research Objective:
We are establishing a new Technology Center! This initiative is to further advance our capabilities in the field of energy transition. Our Technology Center will feature an advanced laboratory. We aim to enhance the efficiency of our hot water tanks and expand with a heat pump simulation - and that's where you come in! The research objective is to develop a heat pump simulator to maximize the efficiency of our hot water tanks. Your task is to develop, conceptualize, and program the simulator from scratch.

What will you do?

  • Write the plan how you will develop the emulator;
  • Define the requirements, architecture and system;
  • Design the system;
  • Write the control algorithms to operate the system;
  • Build the system;
  • Document the entire process.

What do you bring?

  • Preferably a background in engineering, mechatronics, or similar.
  • Practical engineering experience and analytical skills;
  • Interest in energy transition is an advantage.
  • Good command of spoken and written English.

What do we offer?

  • A challenging and enjoyable internship assignment;
  • Good guidance;
  • A fast growing organisation;
  • Opportunity for employment;
  • €500 Gross a month.
Will you become our new Internship Heat Pump Emulator?

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