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About Tapp

In the pioneering sphere of datalogging, Tapp is making waves. Our paper dataloggers aren’t just a nod to technological innovation, but they’re our statement of commitment to sustainability. At Tapp, we aren’t simply selling products; we’re advocating for a greener future, powered by groundbreaking technology.

Our vision

A world where age-old paper becomes the heart of modern electronics, and innovation walks hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

Our mission

Paper, in our eyes, isn’t just for writing. It’s a testament to what’s possible when ambition meets sustainability. Our dataloggers, derived from agricultural waste rather than traditional wood, are a showcase of our dedication to both technological advancement and eco-responsibility.

Join us

Your role

As a Sales Executive at Tapp, you’re not just meeting quotas, but you’re also weaving the narrative of a sustainable future. You’ll:

  • Engage potential clients with our story, values, and mission.
  • Foster relationships that aren’t based on transactions, but on shared visions.
  • Constantly keep an ear to the ground, anticipating market needs and trends.

Your profile

While previous sales experience can be a bonus, it’s your attitude that sets the stage at Tapp. Ready to pick up the phone at any given moment, you understand that our global clientele doesn’t adhere to the standard 9-to-5. Passion, resilience, and a genuine belief in our mission are your guiding stars. For you, every call is an opportunity not just for a sale, but for advocating a vision.

Why Tapp?

Being part of Tapp means you’re not just hitting targets, but you’re also becoming a cornerstone in the global move toward sustainable technology. Our culture is driven, impassioned, and thrives on the synergy of ambitious minds. And remember, every achievement is a shared celebration.

Practical details

Your journey begins on January 1, 2024. Our home base is Leeuwarden, but the world is your playground. This role is 0.8FTE, so for four days, and we’re eager to meet those who share our long-term aspirations.

Embrace the narrative

Dive into our website to immerse yourself deeper into what we stand for. Once you feel that connection, reach out to us. Share your story, and let’s discuss how you can play a monumental role in this transformative venture.

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