Professor of Contemporary Performing Arts (Theatre/Music/Dance) (1.0 FTE)

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Arts, Culture and Media
The ACM program is unique in the Netherlands with its doubly interdisciplinary structure: it combines a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives with a broad range of art disciplines where students choose two art forms in their BA studies from music, theatre, film, literature or the visual arts. This rich interdisciplinary and inter-art setting calls for a scholar with openness to interdisciplinarity. Some of the overarching questions studied by the ACM staff are: How do we define the arts and what are their functions? Which roles do the arts play in the lives of individuals, for specific social groups and within society as a whole? How do related media impact the experiences and evaluation of the arts, and how do contemporary and newly emerging art forms relate to each other and the evolution and history of the arts? How have developments such as intermedial art, participatory art, digital art, performance art, sound art, or new media art transformed the arts in recent years? How do these new and emerging forms of arts deal with questions of climate disaster, post-colonialism, gender inequality? Related to this broad range of questions the new chair should also show commitment to thinking about historical changes in discussions about the arts and share a strong commitment to studying how the arts contribute to societal values and individual worldviews.

The Faculty of Arts in the University of Groningen invites applications for the position of Full Professor of Contemporary Performing Arts (Theatre/Music/Dance). This is a full-time and permanent post.

The successful candidate has an excellent, proven track record in the field of Contemporary Performing Arts, both in research and teaching, and has excellent leadership and mentorship qualities. The new professor comes with a rich and varied experience of working in multidisciplinary teams and is able to work in different fields. The chair holder is expected to lead a dynamic team of researchers with varied research interests and disciplinary backgrounds, and to promote and serve the long-term interests of the team and its members within the Faculty of Arts and beyond.


The research task of the professor covers 40% of the appointment. Research in the field of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) is housed in the Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG) and, within this, in the Research Center for Arts in Society with theme groups such as ‘Music, Sound and Culture,’ ‘Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media,’ and ‘Arts, Culture and Cognition.’ Furthermore, members of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media participate in various national research schools, such as the Research School for Media Studies (RMeS) or the Netherlands Institute of Cultural Analysis (NICA). The new chair will actively contribute to at least one of them. The new professor is expected to secure funding for research projects through research proposals in cooperation with academic or non-academic institutions within and outside the Netherlands. The candidate should therefore have experience in setting up national and international research programmes and obtaining funding. An extensive national and international network is essential.
The new chair will also actively seek PhDs students and explore new ways for joint or double degrees.

Teaching covers 60% of the appointment (minus compensated management tasks), and the candidate is expected to teach and lead development of courses at all levels in the department. The ACM department provides education at the Bachelor level in the form of the international BA Arts, Culture and Media, the four minors and pre-master programmes, four MA tracks and two Research Master tracks. The new chair will be teaching in the BA program and in one or more of the four MA tracks in ‘Arts & Culture’: ‘Music, Theatre and Performance Studies’, ‘Arts, Cognition and Criticism’, ‘Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship’, and ‘Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media’, as well as the Research MA ‘Arts & Culture’ with its two tracks ‘Arts, Media and Literary Studies’ and ‘Cultural Leadership.’ Which courses the candidate will be teaching will depend on the profile of the candidate and needs of the program.

The new professor leads the chair group Contemporary Performing Arts (Theatre/Music/Dance) and performs service and administrative tasks within and outside the Faculty of Arts. The new chair holder will play an active role in promoting the regional, national and international prestige of the chair group by initiating and contributing to existing societal and networking activities and will represent the chair group through their contacts with academic institutions and societal partners in the Netherlands and abroad.

The position
We seek a candidate with an international reputation as a research leader and a clearly demonstrated record of accomplished teaching and administration.

The professor will:

● coordinate and teach courses in the BA and MA programmes
● instigate, coordinate, and conduct research in the field of Contemporary Performing Arts
● supervise and co-supervise PhD students
● foster the professional development of the members of the chair group
● obtain external funding for research
● deepen and extend existing teaching and research collaborations across the university
● develop existing national and international scholarly networks
● fulfil organizational roles within and possibly outside of the faculty
● represent and promote the chair group of Contemporary Performing Arts in fostering and expanding national and international contacts.

Ole Gmelin

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