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Dsc 0485

Royal Wagenborg

  • Delfzijl
  • Interested to hire permitholders
  • Interested to hire internationals

Project and facility manager

  • Agra International
  • Groningen
  • Fulltime (36-40hr)
  • Parttime (8-32hr)
  • Internship
  • 3+
Mining 2
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IT 1
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Groningen city, the capital of Groningen province, is the 5th biggest city in the Netherlands and an amazing student and startup city with 232.000 inhabitants. It's the healthiest and happiest city in the Netherlands, and the average age of inhabitants - due to its many students - is 30! The Netherlands' fastest growing Campus is Campus Groningen.

The province as a whole prides itself on its digital, energy and health sectors, and it strives to be a frontrunner in the transitions that each of these sectors go through. This means you're likely to find a good number of job opportunities in these areas.