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8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

A software company dedicated to building the best no code app building solution!

AppMachine is a very experienced software development organization with a dedicated team of 28 employees. Since 2011 we have launched several products with millions of users. Our mission is to build secure, scalable, easy to use, but not simple software.

Our software empowers you to build web apps or native apps for iPhone and Android. Build an app for your own company, or use our software to serve the needs of your customers. AppMachine makes the creation of high-quality apps easy and affordable. The technology is available for everyone. Our user base consists of people with no code experience, designers and experienced engineers using our more sophisticated technology.

Our Goal: Setting a new standard for the building of (native) apps. We’ve partly reached this goal already. At this moment we are improving and developing even better software every day. There is more to come.

Sophialaan 36, Leeuwarden