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Sustainable Development Goals
13. Climate Action
3. Good Health and Well-Being
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Real time diagnostics

Rapid detection of microorganisms in almost every matrix imaginable. This is what Biotrack stands for! Bacteria, viruses (such as COVID-19) and funghi can be easily and accurately detected using Biotrack technology. Biotrack provides both services and systems to rapidly analyze bacteria viruses and funghi. Biotrack can rapidly analyze almost any sample provided through analytical services using its own patented processes and products. Biotrack provides analyzers, test kits and services to its customers who wish to have on-sit and/or in-house analyes done by their own lab experts. Biotrack is specialized in the design, development and supply of analytical instruments and test kits for the rapid detection of pathogens in medical samples such as blood, saliva, swabs, urine as well as in (waste)water and food.

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