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Control Seal ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of Rising Stem Ball valves and Double Block and Bleed Plug valves. With its own production facilities located in The Netherlands, Western Europe, Control Seal delivers products of the highest quality.



Control Seal has more than 30 years of experience in the valve business and OVER 100 YEARS IN PRECISE ENGINEERING.

Control Seal can deliver BOTH STANDARD AND NON-STANDARD SOLUTIONS. In addition to its main products, the non-contact Rising Stem Ball valves and the dual expanding Double Block and Bleed plug Valves, Control Seal produces 4 Way Diverter Valves, Axial Flow Valves, Swirl Valves, Special Gate Valves, Tank Bottom Drain Valves, Sampling Valves and is able to manufacture any other special products based on customer needs. Control Seal creates a WIDE RANGE OF RELIABLE PRODUCTS.

Control Seal valves are well known and appreciated by the world leading EPCs and oil and gas companies for its high performance in extreme conditions. Its products find application in refineries, molecular sieves, metering skids, tank farms, airports, pipelines and many more.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by CERTIFICATION BASED ON BOTH CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS AND QUALITY CERTIFICATION. High quality 3D CAD, 3D CNC Manufacturing System and 3D measurement tools are used for production of the valves. Control Seal uses an advanced testing lab to ensure durability of its products. Fire safe, high temperature and cryogenic testing can be performed inhouse to prove the valves operation in extreme conditions.

Control Seal is well-positioned to deliver TOTAL AFTER-SALES SUPPORT, quickly and efficiently, with unmatched expertise. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are available around the clock, seven days a week, to respond to customer queries, troubleshoot problems and offer reliable solutions. A wide range of after-sales services creates a complete solution for customer support covering all needs.


Control Seal is your long term, reliable, available and cost efficient partner for your existing and new business.

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