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  • Interested to hire internationals
  • Interested to hire permitholders
  • (Metal) Manufacturing Industry
Sustainable Development Goals
7. Affordable and Clean Energy

EnWell BV basic business is related to the design and construction of biogas plants. Before Biogas can be utilsed in boilers, combined heat and powerplants or upgrading plants treatment is necessary. Our scope of supply concerns the delivery of compression units, gasdrying, gasbuffer, emergengy gas flares. In many cases these units are skid mounted or containerised. Next to this EnWell executes project related to the waste water evaporation plants.

EnWell provides following services:

  • Engineering services;
  • Production of systems and plants;
  • Assembly of systems and plants on clients location;
  • Service and maintenance;
  • Construction of carbon and stainless steel constructions and piping (low/high pressure applications);
  • Trouble shooting.
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De Werf 8, Gorredijk
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