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  • Interested to hire PhDs
  • Interested to hire internationals
  • Founded in Friesland
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Sustainable Development Goals
17. Partnerships for the Goals
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

Founded supports northern startups in exceeding their goals so they can become leaders in their market.

Our mission is clear: we help startups exceed their ambitions and become leaders in their markets. We see opportunities where others see challenges, and turn ideas into reality. Our approach is fast and focused. We cut through the clutter of initiatives and fully commit to data-driven decisions.

We are looking for people with a pioneering mindset, who don’t just dream, but do. Are you someone who not only sees opportunities, but seizes them? Then you are exactly who we need at Founded.

Atoomweg 2H, Groningen
Turfmarkt 11, Leeuwarden