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Sustainable Development Goals
9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

FTV helps early stage, high tech startups in the Northern Netherlands with accessible funding and relevant services and networks, for societal and economic impact.

Future Tech Ventures (FTV) is the leading proof-of-concept fund in the North of the Netherlands, investing in high-tech startups in the province of Groningen and the municipality of Emmen. The fund has approximately €20 million in capital and focuses on the proof-of-concept phase. Its aim is to assist entrepreneurs in the province of Groningen and the municipality of Emmen in bringing their unique innovations to market more quickly. This includes both academic spin-offs and innovative startups without links to academic institutions. The process is designed to move towards follow-on financing. We provide them with the initial capital to realise their plans and bridge the most risk-intensive phase from concept to promising company. Through intensive collaboration with academic institutions, ecosystem partners, and network contacts (such as former entrepreneurs), we can actively support startups in their strategic development. We follow a clear process with entrepreneur-friendly terms.

We, the initiators of FTV, are Triade (UMCG), RUG-Ventures, Investment Fund Groningen, and the NOM. A brief explanation of each partner is provided below. We have been investing in startups in the North of the Netherlands for decades. By joining forces and supplementing financial contributions with funds from Europe, more high-tech startups in the North of the Netherlands can be successfully financed.

FTV is funded 50% by subsidies from the Just Transition Fund. Therefore, European frameworks and guidelines apply to the fund’s operations, including state aid frameworks, budget frameworks, and governance structure requirements. This is reflected in the fund’s characteristics and the form of the fund organisation. Click here (insert link) for more fund information. This serves as the basis for the fund. The fund manager has a say in the further organisation and working processes

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