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Indiveo makes healthcare understandable with animations. Can be used directly on websites, patient portals and apps. Integrate with Chipsoft HiX, BeterDichtbij, Luscii and more Save explaining time in practice Each treatment explained in an understandable way White label and in -house

What we stand for

With reliable and understandable patient information, we help healthcare organizations to clearly explain examinations, syndromes and treatments to patients, informal carers and relatives.

Cartoons work

Because visual information is better remembered than textual information, Indiveo informs patients with understandable animations. In the following video, Indiveo founder and pulmonologist Ralph Koppers shows with a simple example what the difference is between textual and visual information.

Our Expertise

Since the development of Indiveo in 2016, we learn every day from healthcare providers, communication departments and patients. As a result, we know what patients and healthcare professionals expect from qualitative information. Moreover, we know the healthcare landscape well and we know how to link it to commonly used ehealth solutions.

Understandable information for every patient

Our Divi’s are viewed an average of 20,000 times per month. This comprehensible information was sent directly to patients by care providers from various hospitals. This is very important to us, because it provides a reliable framework for patients. This reduces the need to search for online information yourself. The targeted sending of information means for healthcare organizations that they comply with their obligation to provide information under the WGBO. After all, care providers must provide patients with clear information.

Effective information with an eye for different patients

Doctors and care providers spend a lot of time (verbally) informing patients. Logical, because good information is the basis of good care. Yet patients remember only 20 to 50% of the information given orally. The reasons for this are different: patients can be nervous, age can play a role, but low literacy and the level of education can also have an influence.

Indiveo offers clear medical animations, illustrations and infographics. A powerful ehealth application to properly inform all patients. In this way we make care understandable for everyone and we make joint decisions possible.

Low-literate people


Limited health literacy


Collaboration in healthcare

Healthcare is changing and the need of patients and healthcare providers for understandable and reliable information is increasing.

Digital patient portals are an increasingly important source of medical information. Information for patients can also be given a good place in the patient portals. A wonderful development with more and more options for patients. Indiveo helps communication and ICT departments to get comprehensible information in the right place, so that patients can find and understand the health information.

We believe that the quality of information in all healthcare organizations should be as high as possible and affordable. We achieve this by using information smartly together. Would you like to see some appealing results?

View our cases .

Good information according to us and the science:

  • Information in moving images and sound is better remembered.
  • Information at the right time and when the patient is open to it.
  • The quality of information must always be high. It should not matter who informs the patient and when the patient is informed.
  • Must be possible in any language.
  • Good information can also be improved, because providing good information means listening to patients!

Knowing more? Watch this video  by Corine Meppelink.

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