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Sustainable Development Goals
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Contributing directly to a cleaner and sustainable world. By thinking big and acting the right way. This is possible with 100% clean fuels.

We at OG Clean Fuels want to improve the world in this way and inspire others with it. Not only by achieving success, but also by sharing this with others (society). Don’t just look at your examples but be the example yourself. We want to continue to inspire others to also pursue their goals. Contributing directly to a cleaner and sustainable world is possible, start using 100% clean fuels today.

OG Clean Fuels is a dynamic and fast growing company that believes in the future of blended clean fuels. We are determined to become Europe’s largest independent retailer of clean fuels! We have an international network of more than 220 filling stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Italy. OG believes that a cleaner world can be achieved step by step, starting with you. Headquartered in Heerenveen, we also have a location in Almere, Germany and even two in Sweden.

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Pluto 3, Heerenveen