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Orion is an internationally-operating company specialised in the treatment and handling of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other halogenated hazardous materials.

The work carried out in our decontamination station consists of various steps, for which we use state of the art technology:

  • Collection of PCB-contaminated transformers and equipment
  • Pumping-out and rinsing of this equipment
  • Disassembly and cleaning of these objects for purposes of removing PCBs
  • Sorting and processing into scrap of the cleaned metal parts
  • Distillation of the solvents

At our facility in Drachten, we dismantle PCB-contaminated transformers and capacitors. By using state of the art technology Orion is able to recycle up to 95% of the materials

Orion is fully licensed which enables its employees to work with PCB-containing goods in the safest possible way and at the same time protect the environment and the public health.

Orion is the only company in The Netherlands allowed to process PCB-contaminated equipment. We have all necessary accreditations and Dutch government approval.

Orion offers an international environmental service. Orion aspires to reach the most efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solution to clean PCB-transformers and other equipment and wants to attribute to a cleaner world.

Orion B.V.
De Steven 25, Drachten