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Otoplastieken Friesland, a company rooted in the beautiful city of Dokkum, is your dedicated partner for high-quality custom hearing protection.

We understand the importance of your hearing and strive to protect and improve the sound environment in which you work and live. Our custom otoplastics are the perfect solution for anyone who cares about their hearing, whether it’s noise in the workplace, in the music industry, at motorsport events, or just for everyday peace of mind.

Hearing damage has been in the top three of occupational diseases for years. Approximately 900,000 workers are exposed to harmful noise levels every day, which means the risk of hearing damage is significant. Particularly in the construction and industrial sectors, relatively many people work in noisy environments. Customized hearing protection can help prevent hearing damage

However, you can use custom-made hearing protection for all kinds of applications because there is a suitable attenuation filter for every situation. Consider, for example:

  • Construction and industry
  • Ship-building
  • Gardeners
  • Factory work
  • Shooting sport
  • Swimming
  • Motorcycling
  • Festivals / music
  • To sleep

What makes Otoplastieken Friesland so special? Well, it all starts with our Frisian passion for craftsmanship. We are proud to provide you with the hearing protection you deserve. Honest and straightforward, we are personally available to help you or your company with custom-made earplugs (or otoplastics!). With our products you are assured of:

  • Incredible comfort, so you can enjoy wearing them.
  • High quality for long-term use.
  • The best protection for your precious hearing.

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Otoplastieken Friesland
Meester J.P. Miedemastraat 66, Dokkum
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