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Sustainable Development Goals
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

Blue energy powering our sustainable future

We are working on the development of Blue Energy, a new and sustainable system for generating energy.

Given the nature of the experiments and the stage in which our project is at, it is unfortunately not possible to visit our pilot installation.
We receive a lot of questions and the visits place too great a burden on our small team. It is also not possible to provide detailed information about the RED Technology, process installation and the results of our work. Although we are happy with the interest.

An information package can be requested via info@redstack.nl

ED (ElectroDialysis) ED (ElectroDialysis) is a technology that is used to produce fresh water (e.g. drinking water) from salt or brackish water. By creating a voltage difference – also in a stack – the ions from the salt water are forced to move through the membranes, thus achieving desalination. REDstack aims at several applications in its markets.

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Graaf Adolfstraat 35g, 8606 BT Sneek, Netherlands
Graaf Adolfstraat 35g, Sneek