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At SusPhos, we believe in a circular economy to achieve sustainability. We are a pioneering company focused on upcycling of phosphate rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to replace current fossil-sourced products.

Our Story

SusPhos has several patented technologies on pilot level and is currently preparing for its first full-size plant. We aim to make the first step towards a circular phosphate economy together with our partners.

Our Vision

SusPhos stands for optimally upgrading waste into market-known products. With our extensive chemical knowledge, we realise a complete upcycling of phosphate waste streams to create a waste-free process. We focus on reusing all elements to avoid discarding anything.​

Our Technology

Our patented, robust processes can produce a variety of market known, high-quality phosphate products. These range across several markets, including the flame-retardant and fertilizer industries. Besides phosphate products we produce recycled coagulants and other chemicals as well.

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