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  • Interested to hire internationals
  • Interested to hire PhDs
  • Interested to hire permitholders
  • Electronics
  • Digital & IT
Sustainable Development Goals
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Fun and progress with every connection.

VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections, between people and for people. We are the driving force behind Dutch digitalization, we are building the network of the future. We use the power of technology to make society stronger.

The world is becoming increasingly connected.

Connectivity and communication are the pillars of our society and economy. But connectedness goes much further than smart connections between networks or the technology with which we make contact. Ultimately, people’s lives revolve around a sense of belonging. With each other, with the things that are important. So that people, companies and society can move forward. That is why VodafoneZiggo’s goal is: fun and progress with every connection.

Reviusstraat 2, Leeuwarden