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  • Oude Boteringestraat 19 Groningen.

Meet our speakers for the next VentureClass on Thursday January the 26th: Jürgen Visser and David Holwerda, co-founders of Groningen startup Reconcept.

Event is expired

On this evening they will share their story on founding and developing Reconcept to the success it is today! Learn more about starting a successful tech business in the North, and ask them any question you can imagine, join us!

If you follow the entrepreneurial news of the north a little bit, you will have noticed that Reconcept is a hot property! David was named runner-up in de Jonge Ondernemersprijs 2022, Reconcept is 23rd in the Main Software 50 ranking 2022, and last but certainly not least, Reconcept is also one of the 2022 FD Gazellen, 1 of the 100 fastest growing companies of the Netherlands and of 10 of the fastest growing companies in the North.

Founded in 2013, Reconcept is a state of the art skills and development portfolio for higher education and medical education. It is used by more than half of all medical students in The Netherlands and provides a tailored experience for students.

Reconcept Portfolio is used to collect feedback from supervisors and peers and to give validated assessments of technical and soft skills. Tools include 360 feedback, peer feedback, handing in assignments and setting personal goals. We are a tech company and very enthusiastic about techniques such as GraphQL, Python, Ruby on Rails and Angular.