Connect with international & Dutch talent in the North

Here you will find everything you need to know about hiring internationals: who is in this ambitious group of jobseekers, how to connect with them, arranging formalities, and how you can prepare your company to start welcoming internationals.

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I want to put my company on this platform!

Diversity drives innovation drives profit

A company that only hires people from the same area, with the same experiences, and the same background, will keep doing the same thing. But the market is always changing.
Innovation comes from unexpected combinations of people and ideas. Diversifying your workforce isn't just a necessity with the shortage of the current job market. You're missing out if you don't!

"There’s a big shortage of workers in general and we’re lucky to be here in Friesland to be able to find the right people, which includes internationals, to help with our growth."

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Hans Buitenhuis Managing Director of TECNED (Located in Balk, Friesland)

But we're a Dutch company, iedereen praat gewoon Nederlands...

Natuurlijk! And the international you hire can also learn Dutch. But wouldn't it be a shame to wait 2 years until their level of Dutch is high enough to use it professionally, when they already have the skills and motivation to work for you right now?

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Yes, I want to hire internationals!