Consider your interests before focusing on vacancies – research operator

"First consider which direction you want to go in your field and what your interests lie before you focus on the vacancies"

Daniël Vaas

Research Operator Daniël Vaas suggested that young professionals looking for their first job should consider which direction in their field they want to head in and where their interests lie before focusing on specific vacancies.

Vaas also recommended using LinkedIn to search for extra opportunities.

“After my first cup of coffee and tour, I immediately knew: this is it,” Vaas said about his first introduction to Ofichem – a company that produces raw materials used to create medicines.

He has now been working as a Research Operator at Ofichem in Ter Apel since the beginning of 2023. 

After studying Chemistry at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences on Campus Groningen, he started looking for a job in organic chemistry. A call on LinkedIn brought him into contact with Ofichem.

You can read more about Daniël Vaas’ job hunt experience here.