This is Assen

Welcome to Assen, the capital of Drenthe. Forge your path in a tightly-knit community that's aiming to drive tomorrow's innovation.

Drents Museum

Assen. Capital of Drenthe.

Wide open spaces, greenery, a relaxed way of life, and a tightly-knit community.

Assen’s roughly 68,000 inhabitants are among the happiest in the country. And not without reason. The combination of urban life with typical village social relationships means that people enjoy living, studying, and working in the region. Visitors quickly feel at home and are surprised by the range of culture, nature, and activities that are to be found in the compact and cosy city centre.

Four economic pillars

Assen has a healthy economic climate. The four major economic pillars of care, energy, government, and the leisure economy offer plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth. The government, entrepreneurs, residents, and educational institutions are working together on this. Assen’s small size means that they’re never too far away from each other in order to collaborate and achieve great results.

The city’s compactness makes it an ideal testing ground for innovations in healthcare, leisure and energy. The excellent accessibility and medium- and highly-educated working population make Assen a growth diamond in the region.

The energy sector has traditionally been strongly represented in Assen. The city leverages this expertise to accelerate the energy transition from fossil-based fuels to more sustainable sources of energy. Existing infrastructure is used smartly and is also combined with newer technology. This is how Assen is taking its next steps toward the emerging hydrogen economy.

The demand for care will increase in the coming years. Assen is committed to healthcare innovation to meet this requirement. Innovative approaches are already being put into practice as the different stakeholders keep up with advancements in this field.

Preventive solutions to promote the health of residents are also being developed. This allows residents to continue to participate fully in society. Even if they are older or have a disability.

Doing business in Assen means doing business in the Assen way - a close network of stakeholders with the government acting as a partner that’s easily reachable. The focus is on quick, efficient, and sustainable growth.

Where are you going to live?

In Assen you get the advantages of a dynamic city combined with the tranquillity of a village. This characterises Assen as an attractive residential city. A varied and affordable housing supply completes that picture. The abundance of greenery in and around the city invites you to walk and cycle. All amenities are within easy reach in the compact city centre. 

Fancy a day in the city? With excellent public transport connections, you can be in Groningen in around 20 minutes.

The homes of the future are being built in Kloosterveen and Stadskwartier. Comfortable and completely durable. Elsewhere within the city limits there is still enough space to meet all possible housing needs while preserving the qualities of the city.

Build the foundations for your career

You might be surprised to find a complete range of education opportunities in Assen.

There are various MBO-HBO courses in Assen. Along with the focus on its economic pillars, studying in Assen provides an excellent stepping stone to transition to the professional world.

Students and early talents can easily find a place in the relaxed housing market in Assen. You could also use this to your advantage if you wish to study in Groningen.

Visitors love to return

Assen has numerous options for accommodation, adventure, and entertainment. This makes visitors want to return again and again. Regular events, a good atmosphere, and the special exhibitions of the Drents Museum are popular staples. Furthermore, the TT Circuit attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors for international races.

Evenementen Dutch Tt

The city offers the perfect base for a visit to the region. The Asserbos forest in the heart of the city is the natural gateway to the unique five-star landscape of the Drentse Aa and all the other beautiful nature in Drenthe. Once outside the city you can cycle or walk through many centuries of history.

Visitors and tourists can find various forms of accommodation and entertainment in the city centre and the surrounding areas. The centre has an extensive range of culture, festivals, events, shops, and restaurants.