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Cortalix is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceuticals company developing imaging diagnostics and targeted radiotherapeutics based on its proprietary single-domain antibody (nanobodies*) platforms.


To work with modern, affordable and animal-free nanobody library technology for the development of next-generation diagnostics, therapeutics and bio-analytical tools.


To be one of the leading drivers in the development of innovative nanobodies for immuno-molecular imaging and immuno-therapies for patients worldwide


A nanobody, also known as a single domain antibody (sdAb), or VHH, is an antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. They have been shown to be as specific as regular antibodies, but provide many more benefits.
Due to their small size and single domain, these nanobodies can more easily reach epitopes for which regular antibodies are too large. The smaller size also leads to faster clearance from the blood, making them attractive for molecular diagnostic imaging purposes. They are also much more stable under harsh (label) conditions and much more resistant to higher temperatures. Finally, they can be produced quite easily on a small scale in bacteria and yeast cells, and therefore at a lower cost, which also makes them ideal for research and preclinical purposes.
Nanobodies have been researched for years and the first sdAbs have now been approved for market application. Nanobodies have been tested for multiple pharmaceutical applications and can be used for many indications in diagnosis and therapy. With regard to therapeutic applications, the clearance of nanobodies from blood can be adjusted with relatively minor modifications.


Cortalix has developed a pipeline of radiopharmaceuticals targeting fibrogenesis-related membrane receptors and proteins present in early stage fibrotic diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, cardiac fibrosis, liver fibrosis, renal fibrosis and various solid cancers with fibrotic stroma, with a special focus on colon cancer.

The Cortalix technology platform is based on the screening and selection of nanobodies for myofibroblast-specific membrane proteins and receptors, including PDGFRA (CD140a), PDGFRB (CD140b), EGFR, IGF-2R (CD222), and FAP. Our nanobodies do contain a functional group that can bind a radionuclide suitable for nuclear imaging. Ultimately, the platform enables a theranostic approach to cancer using the same single domain antibody for patient identification, targeted therapy and disease monitoring.


Cortalix provides nanobody development services to our customers, either under license or fee for service.
Our services range from full screening and selection programs including characterization of selected candidates to smaller sub-projects such as ELISA development or cell-based assay development.

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