Precision Farming Meetup

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  • De Bunders 1 Groningen.

Developments in precision farming are essential to keep up with growing demand and challenging conditions. To keep up with them we want to share ideas, get inspired and get connected with other parties in the field. That is why we would like to invite you to Bytesnet in Groningen on Wednesday February 15 for the Precision Farming Meet-up.

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Demcon  put together a full-day program for you, including contributions from  the Small Robot Company, University of Groningen and Agrofoodcluster. You do not want to miss this!


Ben Scott-Robinson – CEO & Co-Founder, Small Robot Co
Ben Scott-Robinson is an accomplished digital entrepreneur focused on geospatial and mobility technologies. Ben co-founded Small Robot Co in 2017 with a vision to transform food production with accurate, smart, lightweight robots. Per Plant Farming will be the next agricultural revolution. Using robots and AI Small Robot Co is making farming more financially and environmentally sustainable. We help farmers to understand and optimise care for every plant in every field, everywhere, reducing chemicals and waste.

Michael Wilkinson – Senior Lecturer/Associate professor at the University of Groningen
Michael Wilkinson will take about “Connected Morphology: Using models of perceptual grouping for image understanding”. Connected morphological filters and multi-scale image analysis tools allow fast processing of huge images and 3D volume data sets, based on connected structures in the image, rather than fixed neighbourhoods of pixels (as in convolutional methods). Much work has been done on making these filters highly efficient, through the development of fast algorithms, for sequential, parallel, and distributed compute architectures, running on anything from a Raspberry Pi to large scale HPC clusters. In this talk I will discuss the basic concepts behind these tools, together with applications including medical imaging, astronomy, remote sensing, and agriculture and robotics. Finally, I will discuss recent work on merging these methods with machine learning.

Corné Rispens – Innovation Lead at Agrofoodcluster
With less soil available, more mouths to feed and a need for more sustainable agriculture: How can an agriculture robot contribute? Are robots the solution in tomorrow’s agriculture? What are key challenges for development, introduction and operation to bring this technical innovation to the farm? Corné Rispens get into possible solutions with the audience.

Jasper Bosman – Consultant HPC & AI at Bytesnet
Jasper Bosman combines his position Business developer/consultant HPC/ DA/AI at Bytesnet with a position at the Hanzehogeschool. There he teaches Bioinformatics and he is internship coordinator and project leader FAIR data. Both positions are strongly data- and innovation-driven. Bytesnet provides the complex hardware and at the Bioinformatics program they develop algorithms (including AI) that use this hardware. Together, they represent a strong knowledge and innovation ecosystem in which health occupies an important position.

Martin de Vries – manager FarmSight at GroeNoord
Changes in the field of mechanization are rapid. Technology and digitization are playing an increasingly important role, particularly in maximizing yields and improving farm efficiency. GroeNoord offers customized solutions to optimize the use of machinery and reduce costs.