Meet the team

Meet the small but mighty troupe behind Make it in the North, with 12 people and 7 nationalities (8 if you count Frysian as a nationality :D).

MIITN team

Our team consists of seven people - you guessed it - consists of mostly internationals! Who are they and what do they do? Read below to find out more! 👇🏼

Marjolein Wiersma
Project Lead

Hi there! I'm lucky and very happy to work on making the Northern Netherlands a more diverse and inclusive place together with this wonderful team.
I coordinate our activities and look for ways in which companies from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe can reach English-speaking jobseekers more successfully, and vice versa. Hopefully I'll meet you at one of our events!

Annaléa Chatelier
Account Manager

Hello, my name is Annaléa, I am from France and I am the Account Manager for Make It In the North. My role is to get in touch with companies to let them know about our project and whether they would like to be visible on our website, and/or participate in our project in general. The Northern Netherlands is filled with skillful talent and wonderful companies, so let’s all connect and Make It In the North!
We are always open to promoting companies in any way possible, so feel free to reach out. Email me at or call me directly at +31(0) 6162 44 030 if you would like to collaborate with us!

Maartje de Jonge
Business Advisor

Hi, my name is Maartje de Jonge I am the Business Advisor for Make it in the North. I have the privilege to visit companies and help them in different fields within their organisation. One of the areas is attraction and retention of employees.
Make It in the North is the platform where companies can showcase what they have to offer, which will attract the right talent to grow their business even more. And for talent to see what great companies are based in the area, which opens up a pool of opportunities.
Being born and raised in the Northern part of the Netherlands and having travelled and lived all over the world, I can honestly say that Northern Netherlands is the best place to live.

Daindra W. Utami
Communications Officer

Hi! My name is Daindra and I am from Indonesia. As a Communications Officer, I am responsible for external communications, our online presence, and branding.
You can contact me ( if your company would like to give testimonials, or if you’d like to create career-related content together!

Julia Dumchenko
Videographer and Photographer

Hey! My name is Julia and I'm originally from Russia. My main job in the project is filming and editing the interviews with the companies and the internationals in the North for our socials and YouTube channel.
I'm fascinated to see how many innovative companies and talented professionals are there in the Northern Netherlands and I'm happy to help them to be seen and to inspire the others.

Christoph Schwaiger
Senior Journalist

Hi I'm Christoph from Malta! As Make it in the North's journalist I get to meet and interview many interesting people working at companies that are thriving in the Netherlands.
I also love being able to help newcomers make the North their new home, either by answering their job-related questions or by giving them some words of motivation whenever they might need them.

Conley Austin
Content Creator

Hey! My name is Conley, and I am from the United States. I do a wide variety of tasks at Make it in the North, from keeping the website up and running, to helping plan and coordinate events that MIITN is involved with. Having completed my Master’s here in Groningen, I can safely say that the Northern Netherlands is a great place for internationals and Dutch people alike to pursue a career while also living a fulfilling life outside of work!

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