Dare to ask! – Muriël and Eliane, biomedical engineering interns

Your dream job can be just an ask away, according to Muriël Meijer who's interning at the medtech startup Implican.

Ivo Muriel Elaine (1)

"Dare to ask!" says biomedical engineering intern Muriël Meijer when looking for a good internship or great first job.

Meijer is interning alongside her colleague Eliane Masih at the medtech startup Implican located at the Healthy Aging Campus Groningen.

Masih discovered the company through her internship coordinator.

"We clicked immediately in my first conversation with Ivo," she said referring to the startup's CEO.

Ivo Kooijman, himself from outside of the city, found Groningen to be lively place that's close to nature. A winning combination!

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