“It’s so cool to work with companies that want to do something good for our world”

“The Campus breathes innovation. It is truly a magnet for innovative companies and a knowledge-hotspot. It is a little like Silicon Valley in miniature with countless opportunities. Here we can learn a lot from each other and get a little better every day.”

Eduard van Pagée

Barely twenty-five years old, and already co-owner of a company that is about to become a phenomenon in Groningen.

Eduard van Pagée not only does it, he also dares to dream. “Once I have something in mind and see opportunities, there is only one thing to do: go!” UMCG, Defence, Leiden University, these are just a few of the impressive names on the list of the software development and data company Researchable on Campus Groningen. The ambitions for the future are big. And the dreams even bigger. “Make sure to pay attention, because data is going to make the difference. After all, every company has become an IT company. They just don't know it yet. We help them get the most out of their data.”

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